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Much needed voice
Own Studio
More than 10 years
Working Fulltime

Hi, I'm Sander

You want to have a voice for a movie or commercial. But which voice-over do you choose?
There are more than 17 million voices in the Netherlands.

Success with searching a good voice, haha! 😉

I am Sander and have been working professionally for more than 10 years in the VO industry.
As a flexible voice-over, I would like to help you.

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Radio, TV and internet are full of advertisements. Often equipped with a voice-over to convey the message clearly. Personal, tough or enthusiastic.

Web Videos

A business video or explanation animation is not to think of your website, social media or presentations. These productions set your strength with a tight voice-over.

Young voice-over

Every day I sit behind the microphone to speak a variety of productions and I have been able to make it my full-time job. Great is that! When reading all these texts, I use many different styles of speech. All from my own home studio.

One time I have to sound very personal , I have to have a friendly statement again, and at another moment it is very enthusiastic or extremely tough. No day is the same as a voice over. I like it! 🙂


Each time the principle is the same: the voice over must convey a story to a target audience. It can be very young, for example children. But also older, think of adults who are after a day of working with an iPad on a lap.

The message is always different, therefore I always have a different tone-of-voice. Apart from the intonation, the emotions are different every time and the tempo can vary. Listen to various examples in my portfolio.


If you already have a script, you are of course curious about my rate for speaking the voice. It depends on several factors. For example the text length, but also whether I can speak a commercial or just a video . Always 100% market conform.

The amount of people you expect to come to reach is important. Is it local, regional or even for the whole country? Every speech assignment has a different competitive price.

You can download my voice demos as mp3 files

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Customer experiences are very positive

Axel Wagenaar
Axel Wagenaar
15:09 18 Dec 18
Snel en komt altijd zijn afspraken na. Goede stem! En uh, ook een hele aardige vent!
14:15 18 Dec 18
Prima stem, flexibel inzetbaar!
Jochanan Bax
Jochanan Bax
11:59 31 Dec 18
We werken al vele jaren samen met Sander. Zeer prettig om mee samen te werken en denkt goed mee.